We are Millennials. We are Prompt, Efficient, Creative and Forward-Thinking

... and we are full of great ideas.


Alexa Suter, Founder and Creative Director

Alexa is the Founder and Creative Director at Studio Media. With a background in social media growth and editorial writing, Alexa started out her career in the digital arena with her personal travel blog and social channels, which now have a collective audience of over 75K. 

A serial-entrepreneur, Alexa once owned a clothing line, sold real estate, and worked as a freelance writer. Alexa has also worked with globally-renowned brands such as Expedia, Ford Canada, Vancity Credit Union, and more.


Aoife Rafferty, Account Manager and Content Creator

Pronounced "Eefa," our Account Manager and Content Creator is originally from Ireland! Witty at heart and full of creative puns, Aoife is the Account Manager at Studio Media, but that's not all! With a background in Architecture, Aoife delves into creative and technically-correct graphic design, as well as photography and videography.


Rebecca Kenward, Account Manager

With a background in Communications Design, Rebecca is an expert at content curation for brands and acts as Account Manager at Studio Media. Whether graphic design or social media copy, Rebecca’s expertise in visuals and brand aesthetics provides the ideal foundation for brand social media communications.

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