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B2B Projects

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Facebook Advertising with Sales Hacker

We were brought on to manage the Facebook advertising for Sales Hacker, a B2B sales community. Getting repeat registrations on their consistent webinars was the goal at hand, so we "hacked" a plan to run regular conversion ads on Facebook.

Over a period of testing, we discovered that retargeting their website visitors via the Facebook pixel (and creating custom conversions) was the best way to not only produce the highest amount of conversions, but also to ensure we were tracking actual registrations as opposed to just link clicks or views.

Ultimately, we reached a visual, messaging, and technical standard that brought our average cost per conversion (meaning actual registrations, not just clicks) to just 0.70 cents.

eBook with Microsoft Dynamics 365

In partnership with Sales Hacker, we designed an eBook for Microsoft Dynamics 365, which would be promoted on both the Sales Hacker and client's channels.

This design consisted of a co-branded document, with an emphasis on the brand guidelines of Microsoft Dynamics 365.