Growing Digital: How New-Age Public Relations is Powerful and Attainable 

Public relations tends to scare people off because they don’t know what it fully entails. Rightfully so, public relations is multifaceted and complex but a highly rewarding avenue for coverage when implemented correctly. Public relations is about maintaining connections and a positive public image within the public domain. It is about reaching an audience in a strategic and thoughtful manner. For the purpose of this article, we are going to focus on how and where public relations will create earned media coverage to benefit your brand. 

Our new-age digital public relations techniques:

Blogs and Podcasts

Writing as a guest blogger and speaking as a podcast guest allows for you to control your message and reinstate your brand identity in a unique way while reaching new audiences. Blogs and podcasts are a great way to reach your target audience because there is already an established bond between the blog/podcast and the viewer. This bond is so strong that it causes the reader to constantly come back and engage with its content. Trust and confidence is instilled in the medium by the audience. Creating a blog entry with relevant subject matter to the blog allows for indirect exposure to your brand. Your blog post or podcast segment should not be an infomercial about your company, but instead should be aligned with the image you want to be portrayed with by viewers. Having a unique perspective on a subject, confidence and charisma in public speaking, or a unique way of writing may be the factor that brings you a new consumer.

Online Magazines

Online magazines are a great place to exercise your PR strategy. There is a high turnover of information that gets disseminated online. Online magazines are more easily accessible for the masses and the majority of magazines are free when you view their content online. The best way to position yourself in order to get coverage in an online magazine? Offering an interview or proving expert opinion. One strategic move is the submission of an op-ed piece on a subject or relevant topic that the magazine usually covers. Positioning yourself as an industry expert will allow for magazines and news media to keep coming to you, ideally for a prolonged period, for information on the subject. Online magazines are a great place to provide visual, such as photos or video, in order to push traffic to your company and provide click through opportunities. 

Youtube Appearances and Influencer Marketing

The same information about blogs and podcasts can apply to guest appearances on platforms such as Youtube. You need that unique voice and expert opinion to even be considered for the feature and hopefully received well by audiences. Youtube, Vimeo, Snapchat, Facebook Live, and many other visual platforms are a great place to form a visual presence for your brand. We all know (listen up if you haven’t heard) that video is taking over every industry by storm. Having a brand presence in a video of some kind will help your company gain new consumers, maintain loyal stakeholders and increase your companies revenue. 

Influencer marketing is fundamental to these appearances because a predetermined strategy or collaboration would need to be researched, implemented and then executed on various platforms. Influencer marketing is pivotal in PR, it is essentially developing and maintaining mutually beneficial partnerships where both parties receive exposure or compensation of some kind.  

At Studio Media, we assist you in finding and sustaining the best partnership to take your business to the next level.  If you feel your business needs to be making a greater impact in 2018, check out our Digital PR package and how we can elevate your digital presences by a handful of successful PR techniques.