Announcing Hui carshare and our content creation week in Hawaii

Apparently, carsharing is our thing.

We never set out for it to become that way, but after partnering with our first shared mobility client movmi a couple of years back, the carshare work kept flowing. (Thanks to the CEO of movmi, Sandra's, consistent recommendations for which we are so grateful). 

A Week in Hawaii with Hui Carshare

It was thrilling to be a part of this content partnership from the get-go. We sat alongside as the name and brand was creating, and even had the opportunity to share our insights during this creation process.

A handful of months later, Hui was named and we flew out to create a series of UX and lifestyle videos for their social media and website. We also created a series of image campaigns outlining educational topics, adventure, and day-to-day lifestyle on the island. You can now officially drive Hui! Check them out here.


Why we Love Working in Carshare

The carsharing industry is much more exciting to be a part of than we ever would have guessed before we entered the space a couple of years back. 

Not only are we avid carshare users ourselves, but we love the what the future of shared mobility is going to do for both metropolitan and urban lifestyles. Sitting in traffic wasting time and polluting the planet now has a pretty defined expiry date. Thank goodness.

With driverless vehicles soon-to-be a reality for all of our transportation needs, everything is going to change. And it's going to change for the better, especially with insights from our carshare technology client, Ecomobix.

From seeing our first client in carshare, Sandra Phillips, win the Next Visionaries competition which led her to a TED talk in NYC to getting the opportunity to travel and create lifestyle content for new carshare operations, we couldn't be more pleased with our shared mobility opportunities.

Read about our time in Seattle with ReachNow here.

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