New Year, New Brand: Meet Our Affordable All-In-One Rebrand Package


The most affordable option to modernize your brand for 2018.

This new year it is time to pull the trigger on refreshing your brand image and recalculating your long and short term goals.  

In our Branding Package we will give you the tools and knowledge to try to make 2018 your most successful year yet. Our brand package includes: custom web design on SquareSpace of Wordpress, new logo development and brand identity, all your copywriting needs, a professional photo shoot, and one extremely effective brand video.

Our Rebrand Package: The Best Way to Modernize Your Business Branding

Web Design

An updated website will help you control the way the consumer accesses your company. We work with you to create the layout and templates of the site to suit your needs. The new site will compliment the re-brand by having all of your chosen colour schemes and brand identity implemented within the layout. Additions such as customizable calendars, online stores, and submission forms can be installed to help you seamlessly run your business. 

Branding Strategy & New Logo

At Studio Media we will work closely with you to come up with a brand strategy that will assist in elevating your business to capture the marketplace and have a brand presence with which your consumers engage. The brand strategy will include the tone, voice, and mission statement you want your company to have. We will establish your ideal target market and various avenues in which we can reach them. A colour scheme will be decided on to implement an all your platforms. Our talented graphic designer will work with you on the creation of a custom logo that embodies your brand and how you want to be perceived. We will tweak the strategy and logo until both of us feel it successfully embodies the brand. 


Copywriting is a great place to implement your tone and voice. You control the tone and message when creating the copy for your various platforms. Your rebranded website will have interesting and professional copy to help educate your consumer on the brand. We will help you develop correct and strategic copy through captions, comments, and hashtags for your social media platforms. Professional copywriting is the best way for you to control the message you want your consumer to receive.


A full professional photoshoot will be provided when you purchase the brand package. We will consult on where we feel photography will be most beneficial within the business plan. If you are a blogger, we can do a lifestyle shoot so you have a variety of professional photos. If you are a large corporation, maybe we will use the photography for headshots –– to really show the faces behind your brand. If you are a clothing company we can shoot a look-book for the upcoming season. There are endless opportunities and we will help you decide on how to best use this part of your package. After the shoot we will provide a handful of carefully edited photos for you to carry out how we decided in the business plan.


Our professionals at Studio Media will shoot, create, and edit a professional video for you to put on various platforms. Much like photography, we will give you our professional opinion on where we feel the video will be most beneficial for the re-brand. We could create an introduction video, a behind the scenes exclusive, a Q&A with a variety of stakeholders; the options are endless and depending on your business we can carefully research and target the best avenue for you to use the video.

PS. If you don’t think video is as important as we stress it is, you need to go have a quick read of our last post on the benefits and statistics of video marketing.

Interested in starting your rebrand? Get in touch with us here for rates and details on how to move forward with our rebrand package.

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