A Trip to Seattle with ReachNow

With fall just around the corner, we can't help but reminisce about the summer that has just passed us by – we're sure you can relate.

So, what was the best experience of your summer?

One of our favourite experiences as a team was a week-long project we did for ReachNow, BMW's luxury carshare company in Seattle, Washington. During our week, we had the opportunity to stay in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighbourhood in a wonderful Airbnb loft-style apartment. 

The content we created for ReachNow was almost 100% off-site; we had the opportunity to drive the full fleet of ReachNow BMW and Mini vehicles – including the fully electric i3, such fun! 

We also got the chance to talk to several ReachNow members as we interviewed them for their blog series, understanding just how much ReachNow had improved their lives.

In total, we created 5 short videos, a bulk of social photography, and 10 pieces of written content, but all things considered, we ended up having much more fun than anything else.

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