From Zero to Vero: Why this New App Might Be what the Social Media Landscape Needs

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It was all fun and games, and mega opportunity for digital fame, when Instagram became popular back in 2012. Unhindered by follow-unfollow restrictions, chronological, and creatively structured, this mobile app was made for sharing in-the-moment captures and is largely to blame for the birth of the fashion blogger movement and the entire industry surrounding Instagram fame. 

But after being purchased by profit-centric Facebook in 2016, this once-loved platform started crumbling. Here's why we might just have the opportunity to bounce back from zero – with a new social media app, Vero.

Why the Industry Needs a New Social Media Platform

You're probably personally annoyed by the changes to Instagram and Facebook, aren't you? Facebook recently announced changes to its algorithm that makes it even harder for businesses to be seen by their consumers, even through paid ads, dropping organic reach to basically nil. Instagram has been changing its algorithm to mimic Facebook's at a rapid rate, and we expect that this platform will follow in its big sister's footsteps, too. 

While Twitter, LinkedIN, and Pinterest remain strong platforms, these channels target more specific niches, and aren't the answer for all businesses. This brings us to a major gap in the industry that really needs to be disrupted.

Representing many different brands on social media and having been an Instagram influencer myself, it's been obvious to me that the industry is ripe for disruption for quite some time. Consumers are tired of seeing an endless myriad of ads in their feed, and brands have lost the ability to connect organically with their customers online. Anyone looking to grow an audience online is now facing 5 to 10 to even 20x more difficulty than someone doing the same thing just 5 years ago. – Alexa, Founder of Studio Media.

What about Vero?

So what's the deal with Vero and why might it be able to compete with the lack-lustre giants out there today? Here are some components of Vero that makes us think it might stand a chance to be the industry disrupter:

  • An ad-free business model: After reaching its first million users (who get the app for free!), Vero will charge a "small annual fee" instead of relying on ads to make profits.

  • A chronological feed: Vero users can enjoy feeds that update in real-time and run chronologically, bringing us back to the good old Instagram days.

  • Real-life categories: Unlike other platforms, Vero has categories like links, books, and movies to help users organize their interests and discover things that matter.
From Vero: "The feed is composed of your posts and the posts of people you’re either connected with or people you follow. We don’t curate it, manipulate it, insert advertising in it, or hold back posts. You see what has been shared with you, when it’s been shared with you."

What about Businesses on Vero?

Vero isn't obsolete for businesses, and we think it may just be a much stronger, more authentic channel for "advertising" than the current boosted posts that exist... but aren't really seen by many. Advertisers can still pay to post their content on Vero, but these posts will only be seen in real-time and cannot be promoted to manipulate users' feeds. 

To sign off, Vero is currently experience technical issues as press coverage gets into the hands of more and more people and consumers sign up, but we expect this these problems to be solved soon enough. And while they are only offering free accounts to their first million users, something tells us that the consumers of today would rather pay a small subscription fee for the price of actually enjoying a new, more authentic way to stay connected.

Check out Vero here, and get in touch if you want to bring your business onto this new app.


Studio Media