Why Online Video is the Future of Content Marketing

As you may have already noticed, video is taking the digital world by storm; whether you're scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feeds, or perusing websites online, auto-play videos are now key to messaging.

But why video?

We've known for a long while that consumers are getting lazy with reading, and this is becoming more and more evident with the success statistics of video. Even as we are writing this article, we know it won't be relevant five years from now – instead, it will likely be translated into a video.

According to Cisco, video is set to account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by this year, 2017. Source.

Studies are now showing that over 50% of businesses are using video as a means to communicate with their consumers, and these numbers suggest that those who don't use video may be missing out on a large segment of the market – and perhaps the future, too. 

Nielsen claims 64% of marketers expect video to dominate their strategies in the near future. 

In the age of information overload, video is vital and naturally engaging, unlike written content that requires high levels of attention and uninterrupted time to be properly consumed.

Can small businesses do video?

Absolutely. Video production costs are no longer exorbitant, and especially when combining video with your other content marketing efforts, like social media, regular videos are highly attainable. 

How to make video work for you

We recommend video to almost all of our clients, since the latest statistics and our personal experiences with video are so endearing. Instead of thinking in terms of a single video, it's important to think in terms of a series of videos, since Youtube consistency is key to growth (you should aim for 1-2 video uploads/week). 

In addition to consistent posting schedules, it's important to have consistent branding, as well a video strategy to leverage your video production across all platforms and make it go as far as possible. This could involve the creation of "teaser" videos to draw audiences from once social channel to the next, video ads to boost views, contests built into videos, and comical, high-quality content itself. 

Video in Outbound

Video isn't just being leveraged for inbound marketing, either; we're now seeing a slew of companies (particularly in the tech sectors) using video to communicate internally and to reach potential new customers in their outbound efforts. Instead of just sending an email that may or may not be read, business development teams are embedding video recordings into emails, allowing their potential customers to meet them face-to-face long before a response is even given.

This leads us to the final question: will video be the future of all digital communications?

At Studio Media, we feel video disrupting the digital world in so many ways. We're certain that this is going to lead to a massive shift, bringing businesses away from catering to SEO standards for written communications and perhaps bringing us back into a world of creating and reading written content for the art of it.

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