We work with Sales Hacker, recently purchased by Outreach, on their B2B Facebook advertising and eBook copy and design for partners like Adobe, Data Hug, and Docusign. We have also assisted with content creation for their social media outlets as well as sales-related videos for partners.


Over a period of 6 months, we worked on better targeting, a streamlined conversion tracking process, and more engaging creative and the results were amazing: we decreased Sales Hacker’s webinar conversion cost by 64.5%, from $6.10 to just $2.16/webinar registration. Over this period, we spent just $3,200 and received 1,480 webinar registrations, bringing the conversion rate on particular webinar ads down to just $0.50/conversion. On traffic ads, we decreased cost per click rate by 83% from $0.35/click to just $0.06/click.

During a one-month period, we turned around a successful eBook in partnership with Data Hug entitled “The Modern Sales Process: How AI is Transforming How We Sell.” This involved internal discussions with the Sales Hacker and Data Hug teams, as well as research, copywriting, and graphic design. In just one month of promotions, this eBook yielded 189 downloads for the partner, Data Hug, with a cost per qualified lead of $10.58.


"Running a 10 person, fully remote marketing team is challenging - that's why I hired Alexa and the Studio Media team, and they were fantastic from the very beginning. I was able to sleep better at night by knowing that I had an agency partner I could rely on to deliver excellent quality work (especially under tight deadlines). At Sales Hacker we worked with very high profile partners such as Adobe, DocuSign, and Microsoft - creating customized webinars and eBook experiences for each of them - and the Studio Media team was an integral part of that. Their execution on eBooks and driving leads to those assets via Facebook advertising is supremely impressive. I would absolutely recommend Studio Media to any company seeking to boost their demand generation efforts." – Gaetano DiNardi, VP of Marketing