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Social Media Management

Every business, regardless of how small you are, requires a social media presence to engage with and grow your audience – which, in an ideal world, will eventually become your customers or clients. Typically, our social media clients are small to medium-sized businesses who understand the power and importance of social media, but don't have the time or resources to undertake this habitual task themselves. 

When working with us on social media, the process goes a little something like this: 

  • We analyze your business or business plan
  • We audit your current social media outlets as well as those of your competitors
  • We create a tailored social media strategy and guideline
  • We create content on an ongoing basis, whether stock, graphics, photography, or video
  • We create a shared editorial calendar so we can stay organized and communicate on campaigns
  • We distribute content on your social channels, aligning the messaging with other promotions
  • We engage with your community and consistently grow each channel
  • We provide monthly reports so that you can monitor the growth and success of each channel

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Photography & Videography

Whether for your social channels, website, Kickstarter landing page, or internal communications, photos and video say a thousand words (and sometimes more). 

We provide cost-effective photography and videography services, bringing your idea to life, and ensuring that we produce content that is on-brand with your voice and goals. We also provide guidelines of how you can make the most of your new content. 

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Blog & Copywriting

Every business, regardless of the size, also needs some form of written copy, whether this means regular blog posts, website copy, ad copy, or product descriptions.

Writing isn't everyone's forte, and if it's not done systematically, your copy can end up inconsistent, bulky, littered with errors, and all the while completely time-consuming.

Some of the pieces of content we offer are:

  • Blog posts
  • Web copy
  • Ad copy
  • Product descriptions
  • Video scripts

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Influencer Campaigns





Controlled user-generated content that provides two things at once, or if you prefer cliche sayings, "hits two birds with one stone:" digital promotion and internal marketing efforts. Instead of being yet another middle   man in the industry, connecting brands with bloggers and taking a cut on the campaign cost, we do all of that and add a special spice to the mix – we actually work with the bloggers to create the content. 

In this sense, you hire us as your trusted brand representatives, and we go to work on a blogger campaign, bringing you the digital reach you're after as well as a slew of digital content that you can leverage on your website's landing page, or your social channels, or your internal marketing, or your outbound sales efforts, or everywhere you please. You get the picture. 

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